LEGO Teams Up With Sainsbury’s to Bring The LEGO Create The World Card Trading Game in the UK.

Here’s another reason to be thankful if you’re a LEGO fan residing in the UK. Since the beginning of this month, LEGO’s partnership with one the country’s largest retail store and supermarket chain, Sainsbury’s, has proven to be quite successful. As an off-shoot of their April LEGO exclusive with the LEGO Creator Create the World (40256) 3-in-1 set, Sainsbury’s launched a collectible trading card tie-in that follows the adventures of minifigures Sam and Lily as they travel around the globe, and learn about its beautiful people, cultures, and landscapes.

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Exclusive at Sainsbury’s stores, the LEGO Create the World Collectible Trading Cards features 140 collectible trading cards that you can swap with friends. Mainly intended for KFOLs (Kid Fans of LEGO), the trading cards are roughly divided into two categories: the Minifigure Cards and Create Cards.

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The Minifigure Cards, as the name suggests, are based on LEGO’s CMF series, most likely until Series 16. There are 105 Minifigure cards which I suppose to have been selected randomly across the CMF series. Each Minifigure Card also includes a bit of trivia on each of them. The Create Cards, on the other hand, has a metallic look and feel to it, featuring 35 building activity cards. The Create Cards are based on the build suggestions that goes with several LEGO Classic sets such as the Creative Bricks (10692), Creative Supplement (10693), Creative Building Set (10702), Creative Builder Box (10703), Creative Box (10704), Medium Creative Brick Box (10696), Large Creative Brick Box (10698), and Creative Building Basket (10705).

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More than just for trading, the Create the World Collectible Cards also offers several classic games that children will love. Using these cards, kids can play Rock, Paper, Scissors by following the symbols found at the upper right hand corner of each Minifigure Card. Each player will draw a certain number of cards and will randomly select from his/her hand and see if s/he has the winning card. Players can tweak the game a bit to suit the number of players, or just be creative with the game’s mechanics.

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Kids (and perhaps adults as well) can also play Dominoes using the back side of the cards. If you noticed, each card features two strips of 1×3 LEGO bricks of varying colors on the back. Each player starts with 20 cards each, and places a card face down. The next player then finds a card with a matching LEGO piece to create a 2×3 LEGO brick, the next player does the same, keeping in mind that connected cards should not overlap.


Finally, you have the Create Cards that offer building challenges for players to work with. With LEGO bricks at hand, kids can have hours of fun of figuring out how to create these builds. Players are free to make their own rules and mechanics to create a more engaging and fun game.


Sainsbury’s is giving a pack of 4 cards for free for every single receipt purchase of £10, both online and through their supermarkets. For the collector in you, there is also the option of buying a Booster Card Pack containing 4 cards which sell at 50p/pack. Another welcome add-on is the inclusion of a LEGO Collector’s Album where you can store all 140 cards in the series. It goes for sale at £2 and it features brightly colored pages that show the adventures of Sam and Lily as they trek across the globe.

Since this is clearly a retailer’s promotional exclusive, it is highly unlikely that the LEGO Create the World Collectible Cards will ever reach North America. So if you have friends living in the UK, you may want to recommend that they do their shopping over at Sainsbury, especially that the promo will run only until June 13. You may also check Sainsbury’s website for more details.


So what do you think brick fans? Will you be collecting these cards if given the chance?


Credit goes to Bricks Fans and Brick Finder for the images.



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