LEGO Speed Champions 2017 Rumoured Set List!


It seems like now is a great time to be both a LEGO and a Car enthusiast, what with the impending release of the new LEGO Caterham set, and now with this exciting news regarding the rumoured speed champions sets for January 2017! I have never purchased a Speed Champions product before due to budgetary restraints, but they certainly have caught my eye before and have proven very popular in the AFOL community. So, I’m sure many will be pleased to find out the new sets will (most likely) be:

-Mercedes-AMG GT3 (75877)
-Bugatti Chiron (75878)
-Scuderia Ferrari SF16-H (75879)
-Mercedes Pit Stop (75880)
-2016 Ford GT & 1966 Ford GT40 (75881)
-Ferrari FXX K & Development Center (75882)
-Formula 1 Mercedes AMG Petronas (75883)

Personally, I’m most excited for the Chiron; whilst the real-life vehicle is not yet on the market, it certainly looks incredibly elegant and seems to be worthy successor to the Veyron in appearance; it’ll be very interesting to see how LEGO captures such an elegantly-shaped vehicle with their part inventory.

Lets hope these rumours are true!

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