LEGO Star Wars First Order General now available at Toys R Us!

For all you LEGO Star Wars fans out there, you may be excited to know that the LEGO First Order General Polybag (Set 5004406) is now available in Toys R Us’ across North America, from now until the 1st October with any purchase of $30 or more. The chances of it showing up as a $4.99 Purchase on its own is very likely as well, if it follows the trend of other Polybags released under the Star Wars theme recently. So, this should mean it’ll be available this Friday, which of course is Force Friday; an incentive for you to go to your local TRU instead of the LEGO store this Friday then!

I’d imagine it may be showing up in Europe soon too, perhaps as a give-away on Force Friday itself, although its hard to tell due to the way promotions are handled differently across the pond.

One thought on “LEGO Star Wars First Order General now available at Toys R Us!”

  1. Personally I’ll go to both places, but Lego store is higher priority. Lego store has an exclusive Darth Revan minifig and double VIP points with purchase of ANY SW sets for their Go Rouge event this Friday, September 30th! Plus, if you happened to miss it the first time, you automatically get entered to win one of 250 space slug sets with purchase of the new Death Star.

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