UPDATE: LEGO Star Wars Han Solo Official Set Images Released

UPDATE: I’ve included official images of sets 75210, 75535, and 75536, courtesy of Bouwsteentjes. The Dutch LEGO fan site mentions that these images were found on Amazon, though I couldn’t determine what particular Amazon regional site.  

We already saw some of these sets at this year’s New York Toy Fair, and we had a glimpse of their official product descriptions earlier last week. This time around, it looks like we have our first official images of the LEGO Star Wars Han Solo sets, plus a couple from the general Star Wars theme courtesy of Amazon France. It is should be noted that this is not the complete line-up since Amazon’s French website has not yet listed the LEGO Star Wars Moloch Landspeeder (75210), and the buildable figures of Han Solo (75535) and a Range Trooper (75536). I assume that this has something to do with Disney and Lucas Films plugging the leaks on some of the finer details of the Han Solo film, scheduled to be released in theaters on May 25. Well, truth be told, the images of these LEGO Star Wars Han Solo sets have been well distributed all over the internet for quite some time now, and such damage control from the part of these entertainment giants now seem to be just an afterthought.

We do not have any price points yet in USD, and as it turns out as of this posting, Amazon France has listed these sets as temporarily out of stock. So we just have to probably wait until April to see more of these. For the meantime, check out these official images. A hat tip to The Brick Fan for sharing this info.


Jedi and Clone Troopers Battle Pack (75206)

75206 2 75206 3 75206 1

Imperial Patrol Battle Pack (75207)

 75207 2 75207 3 75207 1

Yoda’s Hut (75208)

 75208 3 75208 2 75208 1

Han Solo’s Landspeeder (75209)

 75209 2 75209 3 75209 1

Moloch’s Landspeeder (75210)

75210 1 75210 2 75210 3

Imperial TIE Fighter (75211)

 75211 2 75211 3 75211 1

Kessel Run Millennium Falcon (75212)

 75212 3 75212 1 75212 2

Han Solo (75535)

75535 1 75535 2 75535 3

Range Trooper (75536)

75536 1 75536 2 75536 3

Darth Maul (75537)

 75537 1 75537 5 75537 6

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