Annual Financial Results Report by LEGO to Be Live-Streamed on Tuesday

It’s usually around this time of the year that major companies would make their annual financial result . That too is the routine for The LEGO Group, hailed as the largest toy company in the world, and makers of our many favorite brick-building play-sets.

For LEGO, this is a major event. That means they’ve set up a live stream of their Annual Results 2017 announcement from their Billund, Denmark HQ for the public’s information. It’s scheduled for Tuesday, March 6, at around 10AM Central European Time, or about 4AM EST/1AM PST in the US.

This report will be very interesting to know, considering the problems LEGO has been having revenue-wise in certain key markets last year. Their mid-year report in September 2017 already noted some noticeable losses in that regard. This led to LEGO restructuring their company to the point of doing some layoffs.

But the LEGO Annual Results 2017 report isn’t just going to be about the business side of things. Also included in the announcement is a sort of “honor roll”, identifying the best-selling LEGO themes and sets from the previous year. Collectors would find that information useful for prospective future purchases.

Interested viewers may follow the live stream of Annual Results 2017 here. True, the broadcast time’s a little early stateside-wise, but sometimes it’s best to hear important LEGO news out of The LEGO Group itself.

Author: Albert Balanza

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