LEGO Star Wars Sand-Speeder (75204) Set Now Available to Order Stateside.

You’d recall last month that we covered how certain LEGO Star Wars sets that were supposed to come out early next year, 2018, had come out even earlier by showing up on Target. Apparently, since the cat is out of the bag now, LEGO’s decided to make it available officially.

By that we mean that (for US customers at first), the LEGO Star Wars Sand-Speeder (75204) set is now available in the listings at The new shipping date for this piece of merchandise that ties in with the upcoming Star Wars: The Last Jedi film is on December 18.

75204 alt2

Speaking of the movie, none of the trailers that have come out thus far have hinted at a planetary location where the heroic Resistance might need to use Sand-speeders. There’s a question then if the vehicle is based on some other Star Wars media or simply a Snow-Speeder (75144) recolor.

The LEGO Star Wars Sand-Speeder (75204) comes with two Resistance minifigures, a (presumably) First Order desert droid, and blaster bolt props spring-fired from the vehicle’s cannons. No new international release date has been given for the set, but it’ll likely be a shared exclusive between Shop@Home and local retail chains.

lego star wars 75024 sandspeeder 2 e1512547651755

Star Wars: The Last Jedi comes out in US cinemas on December 15, three days before the shipping date for set 75204, which now joins several other LEGO sets based on the hotly-anticipated movie that will be coming out both before and at the heels of the film’s premiere.

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