Official Set Images for 2018 LEGO Duplo Sets Revealed

With the year coming to an end at last, there’s no better time for companies to start hyping up what they’ve got in store for their loyal customers next year, in 2018. That of course includes LEGO, and what images they have released of their 2018 sets, both original and licensed IPs, have blown fans away like they always do.

Now that many of the sets comprising regular-sized LEGO bricks have come out, it’s time now for LEGO’s Duplo brand to show off their latest upcoming treats for children of the 1½ -5 age range. Like their (smaller-sized) “big brothers” at LEGO, these Duplo sets also come in original flavors and licensed franchises; in the latter case, this batch has sets that Marvel and Disney fans will love.

My First Puzzle Pets (10858) – Learn About Colors

My First Ladybird (10859)

My First Race Car (10860)

My First Emotions (10861) – Learn About Emotions

My First Animal Brick Box (10863) – Learn About Animals

Large Playground Brick Box (10864)

Fun Creations (10865) – Endless Creativity

Farmers’ Market (10867)

Farm Pony Stable (10868)

Farm Adventures (10869)

Farm Animals (10870) – best paired with the above Farm sets

Airport (10871)

For Duplo’s Marvel Superhero Adventures line:

Spider-Man & Hulk Adventures (10876) – featuring Spider-Man, the Incredible Hulk and Sandman

For Duplo’s Disney Princess line:

Belle’s Tea Party (10877) – also with Cogsworth, Mrs. Potts and Chip

Rapunzel’s Tower (10878)

A big thank you to The Brick Fan for the info.

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