LEGO Star Wars Solo Imperial TIE Fighter (30381) Polybag Arriving Soon

It looks like we’re getting another polybag anytime soon. Though I have to admit that I may not be that excited for this one as compared to the prospect of landing on a LEGO Marvel Guardians’ Ship (30525) polybag, I’m still looking forward on grabbing this one. Rebel Scum has shared the news that a new LEGO Star Wars Solo Imperial TIE Fighter (30381) polybag may hit stores next month, coinciding with the release of its larger LEGO Star Wars Solo cousins.


It has been customary for LEGO to also offer miniature replica of its larger sets each time a particular theme is released – we have the likes of the LEGO Ninjago Movie’s Ice Tank (30427), the LEGO Marvel Royal Talon Fighter (30450), and the most recent LEGO Marvel Infinity War The Guardians’ Ship (30525) just to name a few. The LEGO Star Wars Solo Imperial TIE Fighter (30381) comes in at 42 pieces and will retail approximately for $3.99 USD.

30381 2 30381 1

We haven’t received any updates yet on when and where this latest polybag might be found, but some have been suggesting an April 20 (tentatively) release date, alongside with the official release of the LEGO Star Han Solo sets.

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