LEGO Unikitty Sets Officially Unveiled

Coming in hot from the latest reveal of the LEGO Unikitty Collectible Figures Series 1 (41775) from Italian retailer Radio Kontrol, we now have our first images of the LEGO Unikitty sets all slated to be released in earlier this summer. There are currently five sets to expect from this LEGO Movie offshoot theme, with were received with mixed reactions from LEGO fans. Love them or hate them, they are without a doubt one of the most vibrant and colorful themes that LEGO has come up with.

Let’s check each of them and do please pardon me for the rough English translation courtesy of Google.

Unikitty Cloud Car (41451)

41451 1

Fly in the clouds with Unikitty ™ with this LEGO® set The Cloud Car from Unikitty! ™ 41451, and spreads brilliant matter wherever you go! Turn the sun propelle and land in the park to meet friends, Apefiore and Square Bear, near the fountain. Enjoy sharing cookies with Square Bear, then return to the clouds to witness another joyful day in Unikingdom! 


Prince Puppycorn Trike (41452)

41452 1

Go through the entire Unikingdom on the Prince Puppycorn ™ Tricycle LEGO® Unikitty! ™ 41452 – high speed has never been so fun! Helps his friends Dino and Kick Flip to keep up, while Cucciolino spreads out the brilliant material to spread happiness wherever he goes. Stop for a break and a delicious snack: Dino has pizza, ice cream and a ball to play with. So get on the tricycle again and go on other adventures! 


Party Time (41453)

41453 1

It’s Party Time with LEGO® Unikitty! ™ 41453 in Unikingdom and our favorite friends are having a great time! Launch yourself on the dance floor with Unikitty ™ and the gang while Prince Puppycorn ™ is at the turntable in the DJ booth. Oh no! Who invited Mr. Frown? The mission of Unikitty is clear. Help her to win positivity and avoid the party being ruined. So go get the giant birthday cake and share it with everyone: the holidays of Unikitty are truly unforgettable! 


Dr Fox Laboratory (41454)

41454 1

Create endless experiments with Dr. Fox LEGO® Unikitty! ™ 41454 lab, making sure there is always enough brilliant matter to spread around the kingdom! Place Rick in the scanner and extract his bright matter to put it in the containers. Examine Unikitty ™ on the table and then lift it up using the robotic arms. Use the polisher to make Prince Cucciolino’s horn shine and then help Dr. Fox and her robot aide to write down all the discoveries on the blackboard. And when the brilliant powder is about to end, use the incredible shrinking gun to remedy!


Unikingdom Creative Brick Box (41455)

41455 1

Take advantage of the fun and creativity of Unikitty ™ to build a whole Unikingdom with the colorful Unikingdom LEGO® Unikitty! ™ 41455 Creative Brick Box. Follow the instructions and in no time you’ll be able to create all your favorite characters of the fantastic Unikitty! ™ TV series! Also included are instructions for creating special settings and scenes throughout the kingdom, including the Unikitty Castle, stimulating children’s imagination. With this special box of bricks, the options for building fun and happiness are endless! 

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