LEGO Unikitty Collectible Figures Series 1 (41775) Revealed!

Boy, oh boy! This weekend is jam-packed with a ton of reveals from LEGO that it’s kind of hard to focus where to begin. Better start the ball rolling, and let’s begin with the multifaceted (read: bipolar?), brick-built kitty sensation from the highly successful LEGO Movie.

Now that she has her own TV show, LEGO opted to push through a dedicated theme for her and the rest of her gang.  We already reported back in January during the Nuremberg Toy Fair that the sensational Unikitty will be having her own line of collectible figures, or more specifically LEGO Unikitty Collectible Figure series (41775). For one, this is definitely not your typical CMF series due to the very feature of Unikitty herself being made roughly of 14, mostly printed, standard LEGO pieces set on a cloud shape baseplate.

Now thanks to Italian toy and hobby store, Radio Kontrol, we no longer need to guess how this Unikitty collectible figure series will turn out. Now if you’re looking forward to this one, then a word of caution: it is virtually impossible for you to feel your way through most of the characters in this series because as you can see, each blind bag basically has the same kind of pieces save for their own unique printings. Here’s a rough Google translate from the Italian website, which interestingly states that this is the first among upcoming series.  Read on and check the images below.

LEGO Unikitty Collectible Figures Series 1 (41775)

Jump into the wonderful and glittering world of Unikitty! ™ with the Series 1 Collectibles Unikitty! ™ 41775, with buildable characters in limited edition. Discover Unikitty ™ and Prince Puppycorn ™ in a completely new version! Each character comes with a collector’s brochure and a cloud-shaped display plate. There are 12 to collect and exchange with your friends! Which character will you find in the surprise bag? 

41775 41775 1

The LEGO Unikitty Collectible Figures Series 1 (41775) is expected to be available sometime in June. Will keep you posted as more info comes out so be sure to stick around with us here in the Brick Show.

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