LEGOLAND and eBay Discovery: LEGO Unikitty Roller Coaster Wagon (30406) Polybag

When you’re a character who became breakout popular in a film where you’re just part of a supporting cast, and you get your very own TV show afterwards, you can almost bet that the merchandising won’t be that far behind. This is the lucky break of LEGO Movie’s mascot character Unikitty.

Last month, we already saw quite the number of LEGO Unkitty sets being announced for release this summer, as well as a batch of collectible figures to hunt down. Still, there’s one item that appears to have been missed on previews – the LEGO Unikitty Roller Coaster Wagon (30406) polybag.

30406 1

While the announced new LEGO Unikitty products have been scheduled to become available around June, the Unikitty Roller Coaster Wagon (30406) has already arrived at store shelves in LEGOLAND theme parks and several LEGOLAND Discovery Centers. It’s also been recently listed on eBay, indicating that there’s several circulating online.

The set is comprised of 46 pieces that can be combined to form Unikitty and her wagon, a wheeled vehicle with a mechanism to shoot a disc from a launcher at front. Unikitty herself is noted to have a new neck configuration, a reverse 1×3 plate connecting to a pin.

When compared to the first Unikitty models that came out as tie-ins for The LEGO Movie in 2014, the Unikitty in polybag 30406 looks to have a more sturdy, articulated neck, which makes her head more stable. If this is how her figures are built from now on, it’s an improvement.

No word has come from LEGO yet as to whether the LEGO Unikitty Roller Coaster Wagon (30406) will be found elsewhere from the LEGOLAND venues later on. The eBay listing for it seems on the verge of running out of stock too. For now we curious observers will just have to again wait and see.

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