Merry Christmas! Last Segment of LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar 2017 Updates

UPDATE: Thanks are in order to Bricket’s CapnRex101 for sharing the following images.

Well, here we are on the big day itself: December 24, the last day covered by the LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar for this year (set 75184). This update will complete our blurb coverage on all the micro-models and minifigures we’ve been getting for every day of the 2017 version. Let’s finish up.

Day 19: TIE Striker – Seen in action during Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. This sleek Imperial TIE fighter-craft variant also got a full LEGO model version in set 75154. The advent micro-version is servicable, although the scaling of dimensions is iffy, especially with the fuselage. Still good though.

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Day 20: TX-225 GAVw Hover Tank – Another Rogue One Imperial vehicle, an armored fighting machine that’s not a walker for a change. It’s a fairly good micro conversion of the regular LEGO Star Wars set (75152).

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Day 21: Imperial technician Kent Deezling – A Rogue One bit character, his minifigure is actually part of the regular TIE Striker LEGO set (75154). As before, he’s got a blaster and helmet covering a transceiver-wearing face.

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Day 22: Star Wars Speeder Sleigh – The Big Day is ever so near, so here’s a holiday sleigh with Christmas goodies, but set in the Star Wars galaxy, making it a speeder with engines. Pretty cheeky.

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Day 23: AT-ST – We can’t really place this one vehicle in a specific film; it could be Rogue One, or Return of the Jedi, or even The Last Jedi which premiered this month. It’s irrelevant though; the Imperial AT-ST has always been a favorite, whether the regular LEGO set (75153) or this micro version.

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Day 24: Santa BB-8 – What a way to wrap up the Star Wars Advent countdown this year. The Santa figure this time around is Poe Dameron’s personal astro-mech droid – and breakout character of the Star Wars sequel trilogy – the roly-poly cute (and self-aware of it) BB-8.

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Before we sign off, I have to come clean with an erratum for our previous 2017 Advent Calendar update post, the penultimate in the series. Eagle eyes would note that the actual Day 18 surprise for this year is a micro Y-Wing bomber. That has been fixed.

And with that, our advent countdown in the company of LEGO Star Wars is complete. Thank your for staying with our reports all the way. Merry Christmas to All!



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