WATCH: How To Create A Platinum LEGO R2-D2 Minifigure.

If you recall, LEGO has launched another contest where you can have the chance to bring home a solid platinum, LEGO R2-D2 minifigure just by entering a raffle. The nice part of it is that there is no required purchase to join, but to simply subscribe to LEGO’s email list for future correspondence and announcements. Two of these minifigure blings will be raffled away, with an estimated value of more than $3,200 each. The raffle period is currently running until January 12, and is open to all residents of Europe and the US, and other countries where LEGO Brand Stores can be found except for Asia.

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Now, just a few moments ago, LEGO has posted via its Facebook page a video, showing how these prized minifigures are crafted. I have to say that making these prize collectibles really requires a lot of patience and skill, especially that most of the process is done by hand. It also looks like LEGO has more in store other than the platinum versions of R2-D2. We can see from the video below that other than the platinum minifigs, there are also silver and white gold ones that were created. I’m not sure on what LEGO will do or what they intend to do with the silver and gold R2s, but having one of these is surely a catch of a lifetime for any AFOL.

This contest is open to all contestants 18 years old and above, and be sure to visit the contest registration page to have your chance of winning one of these ultra rare collectibles. May the Brick Force be with you.

r2d2 sweepstakes subscription

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