More Images of the LEGO City Hospital (60204) Released

Last April, we saw the very much welcomed announcement of a LEGO City Hospital (60204) set that fans have been waiting for so long. Slated for a summer release, this set is the first ever City Hospital that LEGO will release following the LEGO City Helicopter Rescue (4429) – which quite frankly, does not really come close in looking like a hospital building.

Another huge thanks to The Brothers Brick, we now have additional images of this much awaited LEGO City Hospital, with its interesting array of pieces and builds such as the baby stroller, minifigure arm cast, and wheelchair. As the images below suggest, this three-storey build follows a modular design in predominantly white and red colors. It features the bare essentials of a hospital facility such as an ambulance, rescue helicopter, operating room, x-ray and laboratory.

As of this writing, we do not have any confirmed price and piece count, but LEGO fan forum members were suggesting a piece count at around 861 pieces, and a retail price of 80 Euros. Check out the set images below including the set’s blueprints which gives you an idea on the LEGO City Hospital’s exact measurements.

LEGO City Hospital (60204)

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60204 2

60204 3

60204 4

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    1. We’re probably looking at an early summer release date, perhaps next month. As of now, I haven’t seen any online retailer listing for the LEGO City Hospital so I’m keeping my eyes on those as well. I’ll post updates as soon as they’re available. Thanks btw for adding us to your site’s reference links. Much appreciated! 🙂

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