LEGOLAND Florida to Get First “LEGO Movie World” Themed Area, Opening 2019

Let’s say you’re a big company with arms in film/TV media and the amusement industry. You score a popular movie or TV series based on your brand or franchise; wouldn’t you get the idea of adding an attraction based on that media to your theme park?

Disney’s doing it with a new Star Wars hotel in Disney World, but they’re not the only ones in the game. LEGO too has a certain hit movie from 2014 that they’re adding to one of their LEGOLAND parks. And what a coincidence; it’s LEGOLAND Florida that’ll be getting the first LEGO Movie World.

As the name pretty much spells out, this is a new themed area patterned after the setting of The LEGO Movie, and LEGOLAND Florida is the test-bed for the idea before other LEGOLANDS around the world get one too. LEGO Movie World will reconstruct Bricksburg, hometown of the movie’s main character Emmet, and the place to go for meet-and-greets with him and his fellow cast.

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Of course, to facilitate the development of LEGO Movie World, certain existing attractions of LEGOLAND Florida will be closed – like the “Legends of Chima: The Quest for Chi” ride on May 29 – for renovation to fit with the new theme.

LEGOLAND Florida expects that their new LEGO Movie World area will be open to park guests by next year; specifically, it’ll be around some time in the spring, after the premiere of The LEGO Movie Sequel on February 8, 2019.

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