LEGO Ideas Project SR-71A Final Flight Hits the 10K Support Mark.

Even as the latest LEGO Ideas release, Flagship Leviathan – Ship in a Bottle (21313) continues making waves in stores, the mechanics of having fan submissions being processed for a chance to become an official LEGO Ideas set continue unabated.

There may not have been any passers in the latest Ideas review round just last month, but there are always new and more submissions to the LEGO Ideas website that are competing to get noticed enough to get the prized 10,000 supporters mark that would put them up for a future review. The latest to hit that milestone’s a historical vehicle.

LEGO Ideas member JustOneMoreBrick must be very pleased to have hit the 10K support milestone for his submission, SR-71A The Final Flight. It’s a spectacular brick build of the famous Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird supersonic reconnaissance plane with NASA livery, depicting the last active aircraft of the line before its retirement.

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For some added backstory, the Lockheed SR-71, introduced in 1966, was a cutting-edge image of the Cold War from the previous century. Used by the US Air Force for spy work, it was retired by the military in 1998, with two units retained by NASA for flight testing until 1999.

4696036 NASA844 SR71 LegoIdeas DavidLow3 T69u PB4UF Tbg thumbnail full e1517892106607

That last retirement year, specifically October 9, 1999 was the last time a Blackbird took to the air. JustOneMoreBrick’s design of the aircraft in LEGO is awe-inspiring despite the near-uniform black color scheme (barring NASA white and red). The details are exquisitely rendered and it even has a pilot minifigure.

4696040 NASA844 SR71 LegoIdeas DavidLow4 SEvM3GwFv0AQjw thumbnail full e1517892120302

The LEGO SR-71’s mechanical gimmicks include adjustable tail-planes, retractable undercarriage (landing gear), and cockpit for the minifigure. LEGO Techies will definitely love it. It’s still a ways off before we see SR-71A The Final Flight included in a batch of 10K Ideas entries for review, but at least its spot is secure.

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