UK LEGO Star Wars Magazine #32 Offers a FREE Imperial Shuttle Pilot Minifigure.

LEGO Star Wars is such a big licensed line in the overall LEGO catalogue that it’s no surprise there are publications focusing on that theme in certain countries around the world. In fact, last month, the UK edition of the LEGO Star Wars magazine had a free Kylo Ren shuttle polybag as part of its promotional.

This month, they’re at it again. The February issue, coming out this Wednesday, February 7, will continue the LEGO Star Wars UK mag’s current streak of little freebie in their every succeeding release, from minifigures to micro-scale model builds. Now the giveaway is an Imperial Shuttle Pilot minifigure.

Said pilot minifigure on LEGO Star Wars #32 is actually quite fitting in terms of freebies. Not only does it come after the polybag for Kylo’s black and wide-wingspan shuttle, the scheduled giveaway for issue 33 on March is the basic “upside-down-Y” Imperial Shuttle, like in Return of the Jedi.

LEGO Star Wars magazine 32 3

The UK-published LEGO Star Wars magazine is filled month after month with fun articles, features and comic-book stories set in the LEGO Star Wars universe. Their February issue #32 has two “great comic” stories and a couple of insert posters also included.

LEGO Star Wars magazine 32 2

Note that the Star Wars Rebels series on Disney XD will be resuming this month as well, and the latest film installment, Solo: A Star Wars Story, is premiering in cinemas this May. All of these might explain why recent LEGO Star Wars magazine issues are so freebie-heavy.

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