New BriXtar App a Growing Favorite for LEGO Fans and Builders.

LEGO is such a wide-ranging and transcendent play experience that it can go beyond just playing with real bricks and minifigures. There are the licensed videogames and apps too, that give the gamer access to LEGO items with which to realize his flights of fancies. From LEGO Worlds to the yet-to-be released LEGO Studio-AR, the virtual LEGO experience is robust.

Adding to the virtual LEGO experience then, is an app for the online service BriXtar. It was launched only last month but already, thousands of LEGO builders and fans have signed up for it and have downloaded the app on Google Play and the App Store.

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BriXtar is a free app that offers a novel way for builders to share their LEGO MOCs online in 3D renditions via smartphone and tablet. The charm point here is, when a builder using digital LEGO creation software will upload their MOC files to BriXtar, the app can immediately generate instructions by which other builders can replicate the MOC in 3D.

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The app also comes with a 3D viewer that will enable users to check out uploaded 3D MOCs through any angle or view by rotation or zooming of the image. Finally, BriXtar also has an online database where users can register their actual LEGO sets. The app can then show the user what MOCs uploaded on the platform can be replicated by them using their brick collections.

Further information on the BriXtar web service and app along with download links, can be found in their official website here.

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