New LEGO Travelling Suitcase 5004932 Found Over at eBay.

This piece of news might appeal those who like to travel around – in LEGO style. A post on eBay’s French site has revealed that LEGO has another set in store, which is more like a minifig travelling companion. Coming in a handy, luggage-type cardboard box, the LEGO Travelling Suitcase 5004932 features a tourist minifigure bundled with plenty of minifig accessories.

5004932 5004932 1

The set also comes with a passport like accessory which also seems to act like a photo album of some kind. What particularly interests me is the amount of minifig accessories that goes with it, giving our little guy varied opportunities to dress up for the occassion. Set 5004932 comes in at a total of 41 pieces and would be a great gift for those who would like to travel around.

There is no information yet when the set will be officially released or about its retail price (except for the eBay posting that marks it around $11), but we hope to see this set anytime soon at our local LEGO stores. Thanks to Hoth Bricks for the heads up.

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