New on LEGO Friends: Clubhouse Pod (5005236) Featuring Stephanie.

Here’s another update following up from our recent feature on the LEGO Ninjago Sons of Garmadon Zane Pod (5005230). The Ninjago line isn’t the only one getting some character pod love lately, especially in light of the New Year. Another LEGO label with a new pod coming is LEGO Friends.

Humongous play sets aren’t the only thing in store for 2018 with LEGO’s hip girls-oriented product line. They’ve also got some compact goodies in store. Take for instance this upcoming polybag, LEGO Friends Clubhouse Pod (5005236). It’s filled with plenty of props, a LEGO Friends minifigure and even a pet.

5005236 Prod 1 5005236 Prod

Featured in the Clubhouse Pod (5005236) is sporty Stephanie in the characteristic LEGO Friends minifigure type: larger and more detailed. As is her type, our athletic blonde in the circle of Friends is dressed in simple active-wear, with a shirt for their hometown of Heartlake City, plus skirt and shoes.

Stephanie isn’t all alone in her pod (500526) however; she’s also got her pet hamster figure along for the ride. The other half of the pod is stocked with “mission gear” props not just for her, but for all of the LEGO Friends, almost all featuring grips for minifigure handling.

From a GPS pad to binoculars, Stephanie’s Clubhouse Pod (5005236) is a welcome add-on for any of the large LEGO Friends sets that don’t have her among the included minifigures. She and her collection of gadgets simply bring more fun. Since official images of this polybag, along those with LEGO Ninjago have already surfaced, we can fairly say that this new LEGO Friends polybag may be expected to arrive in stores in the next few weeks.

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