No April Fools! LEGO BrickHeadz: Go Brick Me (41597) Available Now

Nobody expected it when it was first announced: a new LEGO BrickHeadz set that boasts of being the first fully customizable one of its kind. The fact that LEGO announced its release date to be April 1 of all times, made it seem like a joke. But no, it’s real.

Sunday, April 1, marks the release date of LEGO BrickHeadz: Go Brick Me (41597). As stated, it’s a customizable set with 708 pieces to create not just one but two blank BrickHeadz figures, which can then be decorated with even more bricks and accessories, just the way you want it.

And it was no April Fools prank. Go Brick Me (41597) is now listed as being available on several iterations of the LEGO Store: US $29.99, UK £25.99, Canada Ca$39.99, Netherlands €34,99, and 270,00 kr in Denmark. Just from those prices alone, you know you’re getting a 2-for-1 BrickHeadz deal.

41597 1

Of course, even if you don’t happen to like making BrickHeadz, this is still 708 extra pieces that can still go into good use for any of your future MOCs. Other than Go Brick Me (41597), other LEGO BrickHeadz released Sunday are the LEGO Star Wars Solo and Marvel Avengers tie-ins.

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