Banana Guy Summer Minifigure (5005250) Now Available at Promo in LEGOLAND California

Good things do come to those who wait. Towards the end of last month LEGO new circles picked up on a new promotional minifigure, the Banana Guy, being available on LEGOLAND Billund. Further info revealed its product number (5005250), the promo procedure and its price value, plus some quality photos.

One thing these updates didn’t cover is whether or not Banana Guy (5005250) would be available in other markets, and if so, when. This latest bit of news would be very welcome, as it turns out the promotional minifigure has made it stateside. Eagle-eyed searchers found it at LEGOLAND California.

Here are the specifics: the LEGO promotional minifigure Banana Guy (5005250) is available to all annual pass holders of LEGOLAND California. All they need to do is spend at least $35 on their visit to the theme park and it’s theirs free, one for each holder of an annual pass.

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The promo for this summer-themed minifigure will run for the rest of April. According to the news source, any Banana Guys (5005250) left afterwards will be sold over the counter for $5.99 apiece. That way, even non-annual pass holders have a chance at collecting it. It’s probably only a matter of time before the minifigure shows up over at Shop@Home.

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