NY Toy Fair Pictures! (SO MANY IMAGES!)

The time is upon us to once again journey over to the Big Apple to gain first hand views of the all new sets coming out later this year…or more accurately, sit at home without a Valentine’s date and analyse the photos that Jason and Stephen take…or maybe that’s just me.

…Hasbro? Is that you?

Either way, if you are a fan of Jurassic World, Star Wars, BionicleScooby-Doo, Ninjago, Chima or Super Heroes (long list I know), then you’ll be very pleased! We now have photos of all the new Dino sets, the new Ultimate Collector’s Series TIE Fighter, all Scooby-Doo sets and a couple DC and one  Marvel set – Yeah, a bit of a mouthful if you read aloud. I know, great humor right? JURASSIC WORLD 75915-175917-1   75919-1 75916-1 75918-1 (1)   NINJAGO 70735-170736-1   70733-170734-1   70738-170737-1   SCOOBY-DOO 75901-175903-1   75900-1 SUPER-HEROES 76035-1 (1)76034-1 76036-176037-1 76039-1   LEGENDS OF CHIMA 70225-170227-1 70226-1   BIONICLE 70791-1 70792-1 70793-1 70794-1 70795-1 STAR WARS 75095-1swconstraction2 75091-175106-1 75093-175092-1 75094-1 I think the Copy and Paste function just broke on my computer….so, out of all these billions of  images, which sets are your favorite? tell us below!

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