OYO Sports Launches DNA Challenge and Collectors’ Corner.

If you’re no stranger to collectible minifigures, then it’s most likely that you have come across the name OYO Sports. I am not a fan of the brand itself, but since OYO Sports has proven its mettle among various collector circles, especially within a market that LEGO has yet to dominate, then it’s worthwhile to feature them here.


Undoubtedly, what makes the OYO brand so appealing to collectors is its exclusive tie ups and licenses with major sports leagues. With exclusive contracts with the NFL, MLB, NHL, and the NBA, OYO sports offer an exhaustive line up of collectible minifigs based on your most faved sports superstar. It is not to say that LEGO did not delve into the sports-themed, minifig collection arena. If you recall back in 2003, LEGO launched its NBA Collectors Series featuring some of the biggest names in NBA basketball during the time. Additionally, LEGO also introduced another sports-themed CMF series with the now retired DFB Die Mannschaft CMF (71014). However, if you’re a brick-loving, sports fan and you wish to see your favorite sports team in their minifig versions, then OYO Sports have you covered.

OYO Sports

What also makes the OYO Sports minifig collection also appealing is the uniqueness of each minifigure. Each collectible minifigure (except those from OYO’s Mystery Packs, Mass Market and Special Edition packs) comes with a stand that has what OYO calls a ‘DNA code’. It is a sort of a serial number that identifies a particular minifigure from a batch of say 1,000 or even just 100 of other minifigs released in the series. The quality of its prints and authentic logo designs are quite impressive, with OYO’s painstaking attention to details and accuracy.

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To make these limited edition goodies more fun to collect, OYO has just announced the OYO Sports DNA Challenge. The contest is a kind of Easter egg hunt where OYO minifig owners can get a chance of winning of up to $200 in cash just by checking if their DNA codes matches to that of what they announce in their website. You may view the complete contest rules and details, including these week’s codes, by visiting their website.

With OYO’s large collection of limited minifigures, it’s kind of hard to keep track of their releases, and if you’re the completionist type then the OYO Collectors’ Corner is a must have. More like a checklist, the Collectors’ Corner is OYO’s weekly newsletter that highlights the rarity of its limited edition products. For this week, they’re featuring their Super Bowl editions, including the more recent SB51. You may check the most updated edition of their Collectors’ Corner right here.

Here’s the official word from OYO’s Daryl McKay.

header Play Like a Pro OYO

OYO’s Collectors’ Corner Is Here!

OYO has regularly released Limited Edition minifigures and boxed sets around hot market items. We’re pleased to launch a newsletter for the Collector – the OYO Collectors’ Corner, and this week, we’re highlighting the Super Bowl editions of OYOs, including Super Bowl 51!

Some of these minifigures were produced in quantities of less than 100, others less than 1000. At 1000, that’s ONLY 20 minifigures in each state! That’s really rare! 

We’re making OYOs to be fun,and authentic, minifigures that “play like a pro”! We’ll highlight a limited edition release regularly so fans who are “collecting them all”, know what’s available! A full checklist of all OYO Super Bowl releases is attached, along with the info about our release schedules of SB51!  Look for NFL Draft, NBA Finals and NHL Stanley Cup Champs as the next limited edition releases to come out this spring!

This Collectors’ Corner newsletter will be sent to consumers next week, and be part of our social posts, while all posts live on our Club OYO section of our website. OYO is innovating our approach to the consumer, and the ways we see to continue to expand the audience for OYO items. The Collectors’ Corner is phase 2, appealing to the thousands of fans who are already collecting OYOs.

Phase 1 launching TODAY is our DNA Challenge. We’ll have a separate post and email about this for you, our retailers. Every LE OYO minifigure has a unique DNA code on the base that is for that specific minifigure. Today, we’re announcing a promotion that encourages folks to find different DNA codes to get rewarded, sometimes cash prizes, other times autographs, and many other surprises. We’ll offer different hints and start the chase through our fans “Lego bins” and from those on to retailer shelves. Look for that announcement on all of our social posts, and be sure you are following us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. We wanted this phase to go to consumers first!


Happy Hunting! Get ’em while you can find ’em!


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