Create your Own LEGO Batman Movie Mini Speedwagon With These Instructions.

Last week, we reported on a LEGO Batman Movie building event that happened across all Barnes & Noble stores last March 11. The event marks the conclusion of the retail bookseller’s month-long LEGO Batman Movie celebration where fans can have their try in building a Mini Speedwagon and bring this home for free. As it turned out, this miniature build is unlike the Mini Batmobile (30521) polybag, and is closer in appearance to its larger cousin, The Batmobile (70905) aka Speedwagon.

Batman LEGO r2

Now for most of us who did not make it to the event and would still want to have their try in building their own mini Speedwagon, The Brick Fan has released copies of its building instructions courtesy of one of its followers. See if you have the necessary pieces to build this chibi version of the Batmobile since most of it looks pretty much common.

See the building guide below and while you’re at it, be sure to check out our newest building tutorials over at the Brick Show channel. We’re fortunate to have well-known LEGO builder Tyler Clites spearhead our latest Monster Series where he teaches you how to build the most adorable brick-built monsters around.

Mini Speedwagon Mini Speedwagon 2 Mini Speedwagon 3 Mini Speedwagon 4 Mini Speedwagon 5 Mini Speedwagon 6

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