Ready To Go For Trick or Treats? These Bricks Are.

Who says only people can wear costumes during Halloween? Chris Maddison over at Flickr shows how your classic LEGO bricks can join in the ghoulish fun this Hollow’s Eve. At first glance and just by looking at the thumbnail, I immediately thought Chris’ masterpieces are customized 2X4 LEGO bricks, but a closer look reveals that these are adorable, individual MOCs all ready to knock on your doors any moment from now for some ‘brick or treats’.


I love how Chris managed to add several recognizable details on a very straightforward build. We have a spectre with a seemingly flowing gown, a zombie with its brains and innards sticking out (thank goodness it’s made of LEGO), we have our classic Frankenstein and Halloween pumpkin in color combinations that are absolutely spot-on, and the iconic Count Dracula with his signature cloak and collar. I have to say that these bricks are all dressed up and raring to go for a fun-filled fright night.


Thanks to Brothers Brick for the heads up.

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