The Best Halloween Inspired LEGO Sets That We Reviewed.

Here at the Brick Show, we’ve done countless reviews of so many seasonal, Halloween-themed sets that it’s kind of relatively easy to figure out what we really want. However, before we hit the streets this evening for some good ‘ol spooky fun, let’s look back at the themed sets that you actually liked over at our YouTube channel and see what topped YOUR list as the best Halloween inspired LEGO sets that we reviewed. Coming from various themes such as those from Monster Fighters, Scooby Doo, and certain Seasonal sets, these sets were viewed and liked the most by all of you LEGO fans out there. In order to be considered as a Halloween-themed set, other than the fact that there are certain seasonal sets that LEGO actually markets as such, a set must have the typical ghoulish fiend that is usually identified with fright night.

So after a little bit of sorting, these are the sets that you’ve given the thumbs up seal of approval as of this writing, arranged from the least to most liked. Check this out.


Halloween Vampire and Bat 40203 (1,142 views, 59 likes)





Halloween Bat 40090 (8,829 views, 109 likes)




Halloween Pumpkin 40055 (10,162 views, 135 likes)




Trick or Treat Halloween 40122 (7,083 views, 143 likes)





Monster Fighters The Vampyre Hearse 9464 (120,565 views, 265 likes)




Monster Fighters The Zombies 9465 (131,347 views, 312 likes)




Monster Fighters The Ghost Train 9467 (268,846 views, 463 likes)




Monster Fighters Vampyre Castle 9468  (182,667 views, 498 likes)




Scooby Doo The Mystery Machine 75902 (49,821 views, 784 likes)




Scooby Doo Mystery Mansion 75904 (78,000 views, 898 likes)




So what do you think, did you find your personal favorite included in this Halloween-themed sets? Do you have other sets in mind? Share us your own list through the comments below or join us the conversation via our Facebook page.

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