Results of the Second 2016 LEGO Ideas Review Will Be Announced Anytime Soon.

Tap on that F5 key and be sure to keep a close eye on the LEGO Ideas website. HasanJensen of the LEGO Ideas blogsite has just announced that the results of Second 2016 LEGO Ideas Review Stage may be announced anytime soon. This second wave of LEGO Ideas qualifiers from 2016 consists of twelve (12) awesome projects that garnered the necessary 10K votes from other LEGO enthusiasts, to have a shot at becoming an official LEGO set.

Second LEGO Ideas Review 2016

Quite frankly, the LEGO Ideas Review Team was apologetic for being a little behind schedule, knowing the patience and anticipation that the LEGO fan community has shown since September of last year. Here’s what HasanJensen has to say:

We know that, as with all review result announcements, you all are waiting in anticipation and counting the days until the next one. While we strive to be able annouce these results at consistent dates throughout the year, bumps in the road do occur when dealing with things that are outside of what we can influence and control. 

This means we’re a little behind, as we would have liked to reveal the results around the end of January or start of February. Don’t worry though, the results are coming. In fact, we’ll be shooting our video in early February and expect to have the video and results ready for your viewing pleasure toward the end of the month! 

The good news is…we’ve got good news! 😉

Stay tuned!


Though admittedly delayed with regards to their timetable, the LEGO Ideas Review Team has confirmed that filming of their official announcement is on its way, which means that they have come up with a decision already on which project is chosen to become an official LEGO set. If there is one particular LEGO Ideas Review Stage that I’ve kept a close eye on, I can fairly say that this is by far the most exciting one that I ever anticipated. With 12 equally awesome sets, it is surely difficult to be in the shoes of the review judges.

I’m crossing my fingers for Voltron – Defender of the Universe by Lendy Tayag. How about you?

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