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If you’re a fan of brick-built, original LEGO creations, chances are, you’ve read a thing or two about the name Tyler Clites. Best known for his out-of-the-box, creative builds, Tyler is fond of creating MOCs that are humorous and highly expressive such as the adorable builds of the Resistance Fighters from Star Wars the Force Awakens, and the iconic showdown between Iron Man and Captain America in MCU’s Civil War, given a cute, chibi twist. These are just a few of his many creations that caught the eye of many LEGO fans online and around the globe. If you want to take a look at his entire range of LEG-inspired masterpieces than you may check out his Flickr page, which he goes by the name of Legohaulic.

4th Awakens Iron Man and CapTyler 01 Tyler 02

This time around and as a way of paying it forward to the larger LEGO fan community, Tyler has launched an all-new, unique website, The Creation Nation, which aims to inspire budding LEGO master builders to become more creative, resourceful and how to be better problem solvers using LEGO as his medium. Watch the video below to have a better understanding on how young builders can benefit from The Creation Nation, followed by Tyler’s official press release.

The Creation Nation from The Creation Nation on Vimeo.

What is The Creation Nation?

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 The Creation Nation is a membership website where we want to build a nation of creators. With cell phones and video games, kids are losing their creativity. We want to encourage and challenge kids to be more creative. There is no better way to be creative than with Lego. It is vital that we show kids that there is an endless supply of creative ideas out there. Kids should to be challenged to put down the instructions that come with a set and build creations using their own ideas. 

There is so much more to Lego than just being a fun toy. Right now, there is an incredible need to teach kids how to think creatively to solve problems, develop new ideas, and be resourceful. Video games cannot teach this, but we can.

How do we teach creativity?

Idea Generation – Generating a variety of ideas within a specific set of parameters.

Idea Selection – Selecting the best idea to work with and exploring it further.

Idea Realization – Bringing an idea into reality.

Members of the site will have access to our entire library of videos. These videos are designed to demonstrate the creative process in a fun way. New videos are added each week which add up to over an hour of new video content each month.

TCN 01 TCN 02

Visit now and check out our free videos and sign up for our newsletter. 

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