Rumor: Is The Next LEGO DK Exclusive a Green Lantern (Jessica Cruz) Minifigure?

If you recall, we featured one particular LEGO book to watch out for this year if you are a DC Super Heroes fan. After the recent reveal of the LEGO Disney Princess: Build Your Own Adventure and the LEGO Ninjago Build Your Own Adventure Greatest Ninja Battles, it looks like Dorling Kindersley (DK) is on a roll with yet another LEGO book that may come with an exclusive collectible minifigure.

We already know most of the details regarding the LEGO DC Super Heroes Visual Dictionary, however, the exclusive mystery minifigure that goes along with it is still kept under wraps until its September 4 release date.

lego dc visual dictionary

Like any other LEGO and DK books, this exclusive minifig offer is often times the main selling point for these books. Historically, this DK collection of LEGO DC Super Heroes books comes with several interesting minifigures that you’ll never find in any LEGO set. Some of these were last year’s LEGO New 52 Wonder Woman minifigure; Pirate Batman from 2016’s  LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes Character Encyclopedia; and the Green Lantern (John Stewart) minifigure found in DK’s LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes Build Your Own Adventure released last year.

This time around, a rumor circulating around LEGO fan forums may suggest that we might have another Green Lantern as our next, exclusive LEGO-DK minifig. The DC heroine, Jessica Cruz is said to be the next Lantern to be rendered as a LEGO minifigure, and speculations about this became closer to reality when a particular eBay listing revealed how this LEGO Green Lantern (Jessica Cruz) might look like.

LEGO Green Lantern Jessica Cruz 2 LEGO Green Lantern Jessica Cruz 3 LEGO Green Lantern Jessica Cruz 1

From the looks of it, this particular minifig seems to be 100% LEGO authentic. It comes with a dual sided face, with Jessica’s signature eye print which is spot on. The choice of hair accessory is pretty accurate and comes close to how DC comics portrayed her. The torso is pretty detailed both in front and back sides. I really can’t figure out if the legs are dual molded, but probably I’m inclined to think that it might be printed, which is still quite nice and accurate actually.

Now just a disclaimer: Even though this LEGO Green Lantern (Jessica Cruz) minifigure seems to be genuine, the eBay listing did not describe in detail where this minifig came from, so its better to take this rumor with a pinch of salt until such time that we actually get confirmation if, indeed this is our next DK exclusive.

So what do you think brick fans? Do you believe that we will see Jessica Cruz in her LEGO Green Lantern form? Let us know in the comments below.

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