Student in Andorra Creates Working Artificial Arm with LEGO Technic

What we will feature here might well be the LEGO MOC to end all LEGO MOCs. It’s one thing to build stuff out of LEGOs to put up for display as a testament to one’s skill. It’s another to construct an MOC that fulfills a specific function, on one’s body.

David Aguilar is an 18-year-old college student from Andorra, a small country located on the border between France and Spain. He’s much like any other guy who got interested in LEGO and became proficient at building with it, save for one thing: he was born with an under-developed right arm.

Aguilar grew up enduring the jeers of other children due to having a limb that ended in a stump below his right elbow, topped with a vestigial growth that never matured into a hand. His LEGO passion led to him deciding to build an artificial LEGO arm at age 9.

Unfortunately, he discovered that regular LEGO bricks weren’t tough enough for the kind of strain one might subject to a flesh-and-blood arm. It wasn’t until Aguilar was 18 that he did another serious attempt. This time, he utilized building elements from the mechanically advanced Technic line, sturdier than regular LEGOs.

The result was a remarkably functional artificial limb. Using the mechanical features of LEGO Technic, his created arm had a claw hand with a decent grip. Its strong construction also enables Aguilar to push open doors with the arm and even have it help support his weight when doing push-ups.

Currently, Aguilar utilizes a “MK-II” version of his Technic arm that sports a battery which functions as a bicep for a natural arm joint movement. His supreme building skills have made David Aguilar a celebrity to his teachers and schoolmates at his Andorran college. We too salute his awesome achievement.

Author: Albert Balanza

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