Take a Trip Down LEGO’s Memory Lane With These Vintage Footages of How the LEGO Brick Began.

As you know well by now, the LEGO brick that we all grew up with and loved is celebrating its 60th birthday. Since the day when Godtfred Kirk Christiansen, the founder and inventor of the LEGO brick, filed the original patent on January 28, 1958, thousands of LEGO sets built on that single iconic brick meant countless and priceless smiles among kids and adults alike. Perhaps the coolest thing about the LEGO brick is that even though it has expanded and evolved in a myriad of shapes and sizes, it hasn’t changed in its fundamental design and building principle. Which means to say that the very first brick created in 1958, will still perfectly fit onto modern LEGO pieces that we have today.

To celebrate the occasion, the LEGO Group posted three vintage film recordings from the bygone era of LEGO’s humble beginnings: from the designing the first LEGO sets, and even the patient sorting and boxing of its plastic pieces and elements, this collection of videos gives us a glimpse of how things were done inside the LEGO factory back then.

From Design to Delivery.


Packing Boxes the LEGO Way!


A Historical Sneak Peek Inside LEGO HQ.


Crazy cool, right? To bring home that nostalgic feel of having your very first LEGO set, be sure to check out LEGO’s 60th Anniversary Vintage sets now being offered in Walmart stores.

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These 60th anniversary sets are made up of basic bricks, but the classic pieces and nostalgic vibe that goes along with them is absolutely priceless. What is your most memorable LEGO set? Let us know in the comments below.  #HappyBirthdayBrick!

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