LEGO Celebrates it BIG With This 10-Foot Tall LEGO Brick.

LEGO doesn’t mince words (or bricks, for this matter) when it makes a point of publicly declaring its passion for the LEGO brick. Now that we are celebrating the 60th anniversary of this toy icon, LEGO Master Builders made sure that they got their message of admiration and love for the brand across, in a way that people surely took notice.

10 foot brick

Designed and constructed in LEGO’s US Headquarters in Enfield, Connecticut, this giant classic piece is made up 133,000 LEGO pieces and took 350 hours to build. It stood proudly at New York City’s Flatiron District from January 26 to 28, with a simple question posed for onlookers: What Will You Build?

Here’s what LEGO has to say about the 60th anniversary of the iconic brick.

Sixty years ago, the simple idea of adding tubes inside a plastic building brick turned into one of the most exciting and influential toys in the world – the LEGO brick. Since then, LEGO play has been about the joy of building and giving every child the chance to shape their own world through inventive play.

The LEGO Group began producing a plastic brick in 1949, but it was not until nine years later, in 1958, that the LEGO brick we know today was born. It took several years of iterations to find the iconic design, which has not been changed significantly since. The unique design and the uncompromised focus on quality and safety during the past six decades ensures that two LEGO bricks produced 60 years apart can still fit together.

As an added treat in case you missed this brick-built monolith, LEGO Fan Tube shares a speed build video of how this anniversary monument was made.


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