Target Brings Back Chicken Suit Guy (5004468) Minifigure for Spring Promo

It’s an early Easter this 2018. (And it falls on April Fools, too!) We’ve already gotten a look at the Iconic Easter minifigure giveaway for this year, set 5005249 or the “Easter bunny costume guy”. But for those who missed one from past years, they might want to check Target.

A new spring promotion is being rolled out by Target, with a past Iconic Easter minifigure as the prize of sorts. This is the Chicken Suit Guy (5004468) that’s been a giveaway several times past. This time around, he’ll be available to Target shoppers purchasing LEGO sets with the REDCard.

Here’s how it goes. Shoppers on Target need to buy a minimum of $20 worth in selected LEGO sets by the retailer (this doesn’t include DUPLO or “Hard to Find” items). With the minimum purchase price and a REDCard, Chicken Suit Guy (5004468) will then be added to the cart.

Then again, if Target shoppers aren’t down with this spring promo, they can buy the 5004468 for $5.99 per piece. Do note however that, as an old minifigure, supplies of Chicken Suit Guy at Target stores will be limited. This promo ends next week on Saturday, March 24 11:59 PST.

Author: Albert Balanza

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