Target Makes Surprise Return for Their Exclusive 2015 Minifigure Gift Set (5004077).

Retail store chain, Target has been remarkably full of surprises lately when it comes to their offering of LEGO products. Quite recently, one of their stores in Texas surprised buyers by not just stocking LEGO Star Wars sets that were supposed to come to the market only towards the end of this year, but actually selling them now.

And then, after treating customers to a glimpse of the future, Target is bringing back one of their exclusive minifigure gift packs from two years ago. If you happened to miss this then now’s the time to get it since Target is making available once again their 2015 LEGO Minifigure Gift Set (5004077) exclusive. This pack contains four minifigures, one from DC Comics and the other three from LEGO’s own themes: Ninjago, Legends of Chima, and good old LEGO City.

scaled 5004077 1

For its original price of $9.99, fans can get minifigures of Lightning Lad from DC’s Legion of Superheroes, Ninjago’s Kai (voiced by Michael Peña in The LEGO Ninjago Movie), Sir Fangar from Legends of Chima, and a generic diver from LEGO City. All but Lightning Lad have either helmets or accessories, though it features a dual printed minifigure head.

scaled LEGO 5004077 Minifigures 2048x2048 e1510172387874

The 2015 LEGO Target Minifigure Gift Set making a comeback is but one of the numerous surprises that the store chain has been springing on LEGO buyers lately. Remember that they already have a bunch of other promos lined up throughout November as outlined in the LEGO section of their 2017 Toy Book catalog.

As of this writing, their current giveaway is the LEGO Seasonal Christmas Ornament (5004934), that goes for free with a minimum $35 purchase of any LEGO products at Target. This lasts up until November 11, when a new giveaway will take its place.

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