The Force Awakens Set Details & Prices!

NOTE : Nothing in this article has been 100% confirmed by LEGO, but has been heavily speculated, and due to the recent leaked image of 75104, the information seems to be accurate so far, and I have reason to believe that it is factual.

So, recently, 75104 got leaked on to the web. Since that we had to take down the YouTube video about the set, I won’t put the picture up here in order to prevent that happening, but you can search “LEGO 75104” and be met with the unofficial image. However, the leakage of this image prompted me to think that some information which was released a while back may in fact be accurate; I didn’t do an article on it back then due to the information having no evidence to back it up, but this image seems to solidify the ideas presented by it, leading me to think that it’s accurate and reliable.

The large Imperial Shuttle-esque spaceship to the left of this poster is obviously a villain vehicle due to this being Imperial propaganda – meaning this information, so far, is accurate…


The info in question was released by (The very same website to share the 75104 news to begin with), which gives a list of preliminary names for all the new sets and British pricing for each of them too. The details are as follows :

  • 75099- “Lead Hero Craft”- £19.99
  • 75100- “Villain Craft”- £39.99
  • 75101- “Villain Star Craft”- £59.99
  • 75102- “Hero Starfighter”- £69.99 (PREVIOUSLY RUMORED X-WING FIGHTER)
  • 75103- “Villain Transport”- £79.99
  • 75104- “Lead Villain Vehicle”- £99.99  (ACCURATE BASED ON RECENT LEAK)
  • 75105- “Hero Vehicle”- £129.99. (PREVIOUSLY RUMORED MILLENNIUM FALCON

As shown by the points in brackets above, the details seem to be quite accurate so far, and the prices match up to the ones we gave in our details about these sets a few months back.

The vehicles escorting the Main Villain Vehicle in this shot could either be the Villain Star Craft or the Villain Transport…

In my opinion, the Lead Hero Craft, being the smallest, will possibly be Rey’s speeder from the first Teaser Trailer. The £40 Villain craft will almost certainly be a TIE Fighter, especially at that price. The star craft really could be  anything at this point, but could be the ships seen escorting the Lead Villain Vehicle in the Teaser Trailer 2. The transport is possibly the vehicle which the stormtroopers are seen exiting during the first trailer, and the Falcon and X-wing and all but confirmed at this point anyhow.

So the Falcon is pretty much confirmed…

So, this is the info on The Force Awakens sets as of right now. Check back for (hopefully) more news soon!

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