The Force Is Strong In Asia!

Excitement is slowly mounting as we get closer to this year’s May the 4th sales and promotion, and with a handful of 2017 LEGO Star Wars summer sets ready to take flight, and vivid descriptions of each, the Force is undeniably strong with these sets, particularly in the Asian region. If you’re in Hong Kong right now, or is about to travel to LEGOLAND Malaysia by next week, or will be staying in Singapore, then it will be a sure win to take advantage of their exclusive LEGO Star Wars pre-launch offerings.

Rebel Scum reports that Toys R Us Hong Kong will be having an exclusive pre-launch of the latest LEGO Star Wars sets and is now currently accepting pre-orders via their website. LEGO fans on this side of Asia will be receiving these sets on May 6, almost a month ahead as compared to the rest of the world on June 1.

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LEGO Certified Stores in Singapore and LEGOLAND Malaysia will also offer these sets ahead, with the latter gearing up for their own version of Star Wars Celebration. Brick Finder was fortunate enough to be invited by LEGO’s regional office in Malaysia and was given a taste of things to come during their press briefing. The best part of it, the following sets may be enjoyed by fans as early as Labor Day next week on May 1. The Force is clearly strong in Asia. Thanks to Brick Finder for providing the local retail prices for each of these sets. I’ve included their prices in USD for comparison.


First Order Transport Speeder Battle Pack (75166) – Price: USD 14.99; HKD 139.90

lego starwars 75166 1 lego starwars 75166 2


Bounty Hunter Speeder Bike Battle Pack (75167) – Price USD 14.99; HKD 139.90

lego starwars 75167 1 lego starwars 75167 2


Jakku Quadjumper (75178) – Price USD 49.99; SGD 119.90; RM 299.90; HKD 549.90

lego75178 1 lego75178 2


Rathtar Escape (75180) – Price: USD 79.99; SGD 149.90; RM 449.90; HKD 799.90

lego75180 1 lego75180 2


Republic Fighter Tank (75182) – Price: USD 24.99; SGD 59.90; RM 149.90; HKD 279.90

lego75182 1 lego75182 2


Darth Vader Transformation (75183) – Price: USD 24.99; SGD 59.90; RM 149.90; HKD 279.90

lego75183 1 lego75183 2


Tracker I (75185) – Price: USD 69.99; SGD 139.90; RM 349.90; HKD 649.90

lego75185 1 lego75185 2


The Arrowhead (75186) – Price: USD 89.99; SGD 179.90; RM 449.90; HK 799.90

lego starwars 75186 1lego 75186 thearrowhead set


Jedi Starfighter with Hyperdrive (75191) – Price: SGD 199.90; RM 549.90; HKD 999.90

75191 alt1 e1492916883989 75191 1 e1492916726174


UCS Snowspeeder (75144) – Price: USD199.99; SGD399.90; RM999.90

UCS Snowspeeder 75144 19 UCS Snowspeeder 75144 18




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