The LEGO Batman Movie 2018 Box Art Images Revealed!

Last week, LEGO finally gave us our first look at 2018’s collection of LEGO Batman Movie sets featuring a pretty nice collection of TLBM rogue minifigures and sets. Slated to be released in January, Swiss toy store World of Games has just updated its listing to include the box art images of this latest TLBM sets. We don’t have the details on each set’s piece count or costing in US dollars, but by looking at the box sizes we could probably have an idea on how big the sets will be as noted by The Brick Fan. Check out these images.


The Bat-Dune Buggy (70918)

70918 70918 1 1



The Justice League Anniversary Party (70919)

70919 70919 1 1



Egghead Mech Food Fight (70920)

70920 70920 1 1


Harley Quinn Cannonball Attack (70921)

70921 70921 1 1


The Bat-Space Shuttle (70923)

70923 70923 1 1

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