2018 LEGO Minecraft Official Images Now Up!

More Minecraft madness is on its way courtesy of LEGO via The Brick Fan. They do seem to enjoy releasing these new sets in waves. A new series of these will be making their way to the stores starting January of next year. All of these new sets are really awesome replicas of certain locations in the Minecraft world, with plenty of shout-outs galore.


Whether you enjoyed playing the Minecraft series for letting you grow those nifty watermelon blocks, or raise chickens for their eggs, or explore a cave full of zombies or the netherworld, or simply getting to hang out at your own cottage, one or all of the coming LEGO Minecraft sets will be the answer to your wants.

The Melon Farm (21138)

The Nether Fight (21139)

The Chicken Coop (21140)

The Zombie Cave (21141)

The Polar Igloo (21142)

The Nether Portal (21143)

The Farm Cottage (21144)

Not much info aside from the set number, name and release date, but it will do for now. Thanks to the

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