This Is What Happens When You Play Pokemon GO While Driving…

If you’re still playing Pokemon GO, chances are, you are acutely aware of the fact that playing the hit mobile game while driving, is not a good combination. It is both hazardous both for you and the little pocket monsters that are scattered across the ground (seriously?). This is the solemn reminder that ace builder Cecilie Fritzfold from Norway would like to convey in her ongoing bout with Chris Maddison in Iron Builder 5.0. For her 8th build, the use of the seed piece which is a Modified 2×3 Pentagonal Tile, is absolutely ingenious and hilariously funny. We promise you, no Pikachus were harmed in the making of this build. I’m quite sure that Brian will freak out if he’ll see this.

pikachu roadkill

Speaking of Brian, you may be pleased to know that our resident Brick Show gamer is currently running a LEGO giveaway for the entire month of February until mid March, where lucky winners will have the chance of bringing home the following:

LEGO Dimensions Packs which include:

71203 alt1 71214 alt1 71221 alt1


LEGO Jurassic World T-Rex Tracker (75918)

75918 alt1


LEGO Minecraft The First Night (21115) and The Nether Fortress (21122)

21115 alt1 21122 alt1

You may check Brian’s announcement in the video below, and you may follow this link as well to sign up for the contest.



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