LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle (71043) Rumored To Be In Micro-Scale And To Have Nanofigures

We’ve been keeping a close watch on LEGO Harry Potter’s Hogwarts Great Hall (75954) over the past few weeks, most especially when it was reported that it could be releasing much earlier. But that set is not the only one coming soon that’s based on Wizarding Britain’s most prestigious school.

As early as October last year there has been talk about a whole Hogwarts Castle set for LEGO’s streamlined Wizarding World line (covering Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts). Other than its set number (71043), there’ve been no details about it. Recently however, news is circulating concerning the scale of Hogwarts Castle.

Having a LEGO structure matching the size of minifigures (UCS) would be the optimal scale for LEGO Potter-fans, but according to some sources, a more sensible size set forth by LEGO for this Hogwarts Castle (71043) is micro-scale, with nanofigures of HP characters for its complement instead. Eurobricks member FalconFan1414 disclosed over the LEGO fan forum that other than the fact that the Hogwarts Castle is expected to be of a UCS-type, it is also rendered in microscale similar to 2015’s SHIELD Helicarrier (76042).

00 Capture

01 Capture

For an idea on how a Hogwarts Castle might match up to micro-scale, you can refer to the old LEGO Marvel Super Heroes set, the SHIELD Helicarrier (76042). You can see in the Amazon listing’s picture a size comparison of a structure/vehicle with LEGO nanofigures (and regular minifigures) for reference.

That might actually be not bad, and it keeps the LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle set (71043) from becoming prohibitively expensive. Right now we have only to wait for any confirmation from LEGO itself. And there’s still the Hogwarts Great Hall (75954) that’s still heading our way to anticipate for.

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