Ed Sheeran Donates Two LEGO MOCs to Charity Shop to Raise Funding for Hometown Hospice

What would be a quick description of Ed Sheeran? He’s an English singer-songwriter. His “Shape of You” is so darn great listening that it’s the most-streamed song on Spotify. He was a singing Lannister soldier cameo in the penultimate season of Game of Thrones. He’s also a celebrity LEGO builder.

One other thing we know about Ed Sheeran is that he’s greatly invested in charity works for the place where he grew up, at Framlingham, Suffolk. In particular he has made donations to the St. Elizabeth Hospice there, donations in the form of some of his personal belongings…and LEGO MOCs.

Included with his latest batch of contributions to a charity shop for St. Elizabeth, among articles like clothes, appliances and guitar stands are two works in LEGO: a brick-built self-portrait bust and a customized LEGO BrickHeadz of himself. Both were made during Sheeran’s spare time while on a concert tour.

The charity shop Sheeran gave these items to means to have them sold on eBay, with the resulting proceeds being given over to St. Elizabeth Hospice in Framlingham. Shop manager Rachail Pollard noted in interview that the British international music star hasn’t forgotten his roots, and his donations are welcome.

Framlingham’s St. Elizabeth Hospice has benefited much from Ed Sheeran’s charity drives. Back in 2016 they received £2,500 collected from charity shop sales of the singer’s clothes. These contributions help the institution in their mission of looking after their patients, many of them with progressive illnesses or in terminal care.

Author: Albert Balanza

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