LEGO Test-Runs Its First Customized Minifigure Printing Service

After the success of its first LEGO Mosaic Maker, especially after arriving in the US, it seem that LEGO is once again pushing the boundaries of creative customization. The LEGO Store in Copenhagen, Denmark has just unveiled the company’s very first LEGO Minifigure Factory that allows users to have custom printed minifigs right out of the store. This months-long project was the brainchild of inventor and designer Jens Hjorth who finally shared this exciting milestone on his Facebook account.

The LEGO Minifigure Factory is still in its trial stages and is expected to be available in Copenhagen’s LEGO Store only for a test-run beginning today until tomorrow. The custom minifig printing machine allows users to choose and add predetermined prints on a white minifigure torso. As of the moment, the selections are limited since full-customization may be a bit tricky due to copyright issues that may ensue. However, the potential for such an in-store service is very exciting, and allow users to add some text and basic, simple designs of their own.

lego mosaic maker 5

lego mosaic maker 4

lego mosaic maker 1

lego mosaic maker 3

The machine itself is user friendly, and quite efficient allowing a good number of minifigs to be printed at any given time. LEGO has not released any official word or statement about the Minifigure Factory, and we still have to see if this service will be available in the US. For now, the price point for each custom printed minifigure is around $5 considering the current conversion rate. I just hope that similar to the LEGO Mosaic Maker, LEGO fans around the world will eventually have their try on the LEGO Minifigure Factory. With is relatively low price point and cool customizations, I’m pretty sure that the Minifigure Factory will be a hit to all LEGO fans as well.

Thanks again to Jens Hjorth for sharing this piece of great news.


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