WATCH: LEGO DC Super Villains Gameplay on YouTube’s “Live at E3”

Those who watched Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight might recall the line uttered by Harvey Dent (before he became Two-Face) that went: “You either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.” Fans of WB-Interactive and Traveller’s Tales’ LEGO videogames might say “You either quit playing the LEGO games at DC Super-Heroes, or stay long enough to see yourself controlling the Villains as the protagonists.”

That’s been the effect of the upcoming LEGO DC Super Villains, which sees players in command of DC Comics’ bad-guy stable against a parallel-universe counterpart of the Justice League while the heroes are missing in action.

We already know a few things about the title, like how the player’s focus character is a customized avatar interacting with the DC Villains, and that it’s shipping with an exclusive Lex Luthor minifigure. But how does the gameplay feel? We’ll find out soon enough.

As you know, E3 2018 has finally kicked off, and the time is perfect for LEGO DC Super Villains to wow fans. In fact, YouTube just went live with its coverage of this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo aptly dubbed as “Live at E3”, and we now have our first look at WB Games’ latest LEGO video game offering. Check this segment dedicated to LEGO DC Super Villains together with an interview with Geoff Keighley courtesy of YouTuber Jayshockblast.

As we can pick up from the interview, this latest LEGO and DC-inspired video title is focused on developing your own unique antihero, teamed up with DC’s notorious villains. The game’s plot twists are also something to look forward to, considering the presence of the Justice Syndicate in their little pocket universe.

The LEGO DC Super Villains is now available for pre-order, across all major gaming platforms, with its Deluxe Edition coming with a free and exclusive Lex Luthor minifigure.

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