WATCH: LEGO Ninjago and Nexo Knights SDCC 2016 Panel Videos Now Up!

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LEGO made waves at last month’s San Diego Comic Con 2016 particularly during the Comic Con’s July 24 series of panels specifically geared towards highlighting LEGO’s most promising and prolific themes such as Dimensions, Ninjago, and Nexo Knights. Thankfully, LEGO’s official YouTube channel has now uploaded the video recording of the panel discussions for two of their biggest ongoing TV properties. So for those of us who were not there at SDCC 2016, these videos offer a lot of insights and behind-the-scenes info from designers, writers and directors of the hit IPs.

First off, is the LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu panel with showrunner Tommy Andreasen. The Brick Fan did an excellent recap of the highlights of the said panel, which LEGO unfortunately left out. It seems that LEGO is still mum on the details of their new episodes, with the first episode entitled “Day of the Departed” to debut on October 29 over at Cartoon Network. A teaser was shown to panel attendees, which was eventually edited out of the uploaded video. Not much has been said also on the show’s next adventure entitled “The Hands Of Time.”


LEGO also uploaded a video recording for the LEGO Nexo Knights: Behind The Scenes panel, with LEGO Marketing Director Brian Browler taking the lead. The panel attendees were also offered presented with a new video clip that featured a Snake Den Nexo Power, exclusive for all SDCC attendees. According to the panelists, the new season of LEGO Nexo Knights will premiere this Saturday on August 13.


Again, thanks to The Brick Fan for the recap.


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