Watch How LEGO Recreate The Rio Olympics Using Almost A Million Bricks in 2,500 Hours.

lego rio

The 2016 Rio Olympics are now in full swing, and LEGO fans all over the world is sure in for a treat knowing that the company has sent in 50 of its most talented LEGO builders to come up with the largest, brick-built model ever made in Latin America. Paying tribute to the world’s largest sporting event deserves an equally impressive attraction for everyone’s enjoyment. Indeed, there are many attractions that are currently set up in the heart of Rio de Janeiro, where the Olympics are currently making waves, but none has caught the attention of the masses in the past few days other than this mammoth sized, brick-built model of the city itself.


Specifically built with the Olympic venue in mind, this replica of Rio de Janeiro took a total of 50 LEGO expert builders, 2,500 working hours, and almost a million LEGO bricks and elements to create within a period of more than 12 months. According to Paul Chrzan, one of the LEGO Master Builders in charge of overseeing the project, their team used 10 different scales in order to fit the various monuments, stadiums, venues, and other landmarks into the 5m x 6m space.


According to the LEGO Group, and in partnership with the Danish government, this recreation of the bustling Olympic city is a kind of a legacy gift to the host city and country of Brazil. The brick built model of Rio is currently on exhibit at the Olympic Boulevard and will be displayed until August 21. Once the games are concluded, the set will be handed over to the Museu de Cidade as a keepsake.

In case you missed it, LEGO has uploaded several videos that show an in-depth look on how the entire set was created through a series of gorgeous photographs and time-lapse videos. Look closely and you may even spot Olympic mascots Vinicius and Tom hanging around in the brick-built city.


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