This Transforming LEGO Brick Is More Than Meets The Eye

Transforming LEGO Brick

Japanese LEGO builder Moko shared in his blog site what seems to be a highly articulated, LEGO MOC that shows an unassuming LEGO brick transforming into a cool, ‘mecha’ or robot. The build is actually similar to the Autobot named Hot Rod as seen in the 80s animated series of Transformers. Based on a rough Google translation, the transforming LEGO brick was designed at a 1:27 scale of the typical 2×4 brick, big but comfortable enough to hold in the palm of your hand.

This Transforming LEGO Brick is More Than Meets the Eye!

lego brick transformer 1

lego brick transformer 9

This particular creation is highly articulated, with plenty of joints that allow this MOC to easily transform from one mode to another.

lego brick transformer 2 lego brick transformer 5 lego brick transformer 6

It is highly posable as well, rendering the transforming LEGO block to do some pretty cool battle stances.

lego brick transformer 7 lego brick transformer 3

I wish I could get more info on our Japanese creator’s blog without being lost in Google’s translation. So what do you think of this particular MOC? Share your thoughts (and interpretation in case you know how to read and speak Japanese) in the comments below.

lego brick transformer 8


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