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For LEGO Club members who are unable to receive their physical copy of their bi-monthly LEGO Club magazines (most probably due to your geographical location), having a digital edition to download is a great alternative to keep tabs with the latest updates on the activities and promos within the LEGO Club. This time around, the LEGO Club website has uploaded its recent wave of e-magazines for the months of May and June for all club members to enjoy. You may either view them online or download them in vibrant, PDF formats. Take note that for you to access these digital versions and the rest of the site’s contents, you need to register and have your own unique LEGO ID. Just go to the home page of the LEGO Club website and click on ‘Register’. With that out of the way, let’s briefly look at what’s in store with the recent LEGO Club Magazines.


May-June 2016 LEGO Club Magazine Red Brick

We’ve got high adventure from outer space to the ocean and Gotham City to the world of NINJAGO. You can even sample a day-in-the-life of a Magma Monster with LEGO® NEXO KNIGHTS™. We meet one of the creators of LEGO DIMENSIONS, there’s a historic battle of Speed Racers and we’ve more of your Cool Creations! Meanwhile Max is looking at the stars … 

LEGO Club Red Brick
This Red Brick issue features a cool cover design that highlights the standoff between Team Cap and Team Iron Man in Captain America: Civil War. The scene is very much the same as that of LEGO Marvel Superheroes Super Hero Airport Battle (76051). No matter how many times I look at it, Giant Man is one truly epic buildable figure in this set. Other than the cool cover art, the Red Brick Edition also includes some Mixels, Star Wars, and Nexo Knights comics with an exclusive Nexo Power.


May-June 2016 LEGO Club Magazine Yellow Brick Special Edition Insert


The LEGO® Elves are in search of Ragana’s Magic Shadow Castle, with time running out to save the Queen Dragon, Elandra! Meanwhile for the Heartlake City girls, the trip to Adventure Camp is finally here! 

LEGO Club Yellow Brick

The Yellow Brick insert highlights the LEGO Friends Adventure Camp and LEGO Elves sets with puzzles, drawing tips, and a writing contest.


May-June 2016 LEGO Club Magazine Star Wars Insert

Zander, Kordi & Rowan were just three salvage engineers trying to scrape a living repairing star ships … then they got caught up in the Emperor’s search for the KYBER SABER and suddenly the fate of the galaxy rests on their shoulders! Meet the Freemakers, their new friends and some old enemies, plus we’ve building steps for some of their “Ugly” spaceships and a colossal Freemaker creation produced by a LEGO Master Builder!

LEGO Club Freemakers

This LEGO Star Wars insert features building steps for a customized starship known as “UGLY”, character profiles of each member of the Freemaker family, and a Master Builder interview that focuses on the new Disney XD series The Freemaker Adventures.


May-June 2016 LEGO Club Magazine Green Brick

Everyone is going on vacation. They are using a ferry, a car and even a speedboat. But the Mixels are staying at home! 

LEGO Club Green  Brick
Lastly, we also have this Green Brick “Junior” edition which has a LEGO City comic, coloring pages, and building instructions for a boat using pieces that can be found in LEGO Classic brick boxes or from your own LEGO collection.


Be sure the check out these pretty cool digital editions of the LEGO Club Magazines along with several back issues available in their website. Thanks BZPower for the tip.

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