LEGO Marvel Superheroes Captain America’s Motorcycle (30447) Now Comes FREE at Toys R Us


It seems that TRU is levelling up the early treat by sweetening up the deal withLEGO Marvel Superheroes Captain America’s Motorcycle (30447). If you recall, TRU listed this polybag for $3.99 ahead of LEGO Store’s promo at the end of the month. Now this week starting May 8 until May 14, TRU is giving away 30447 for free for any LEGO purchase of $30 or more. What makes the Captain America’s Motorcycle polybag attractive is the fact that this is the first time that Cap’s LEGO minifigure is made available separately at such a low price. More than just being a standard minifigure polybag set, 30447 comes with a motorcycle which adds more value into it, plus it’s a neat looking build even at 25 pieces. Here’s a screenshot from TRU’s site courtesy of The Brick Fan.

LEGO Cap TRU Promo

Aside from an early release, TRU’s offer is a slightly better deal than that from LEGO Stores, with a lower qualifying purchase ($5 less) and a longer promo period of one week. However, like any other promo, it is only as good as supplies last. As of this writing, 30447 is currently out of stock even if you wish to purchase it separately. We do hope that TRU will replenish their stocks soon, and if you still can’t fight the temptation of owning this piece of Cap’s LEGO minifig rendition, you may always head over at eBay and find your chances there.

In the meantime, check out this video by Stephen where he reviews the LEGO Marvel Superheroes Captain America’s Motorcycle (30447).

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