We Bet You’ve Never Seen The Resistance Fighters Like This Before

4th Awakens

Call it May the 4th nostalgia, but this LEGO tribute to the Resistance fighters from The Force Awakens is absolutely fantastic. Straight from the creative re-imagining of Tyler Clites, these adorable builds of Poe, Rey, Finn and of course BB-8 are highly articulated that you can actually use them for stop-motion movies. The articulation on these builds, in spite of their relatively small size is very remarkable. The choice of colors for their clothing, even the hairstyles are amazingly accurate. Frankly speaking, next to building massive MOCs, making builds at such small scales is equally daunting. I like the

According to Tyler via his Flickr account, the design that he used for these Resistance fighters is actually from a series of builds that are being featured in Bricks Culture magazine in the UK. The goal was to have a character that can easily be posed, changing the facial expression to some degree – perfect for brick-built filmmaking. Check out the rest of his work here.


Thanks to Brick Nerd for sharing Tyler’s work with us.

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